Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hey there, just a few quick notes from the Mommy. I finally posted on for those who are interested. Also, please check out our new sidebar features. I have two very dear relatives who have Multiple Sclerosis, signing a petition to fund more research is the least I can do for them, perhaps you could too. Also featured, the WigMap! Find your dot on the map! For extra Becca points, visit my site when you go somewhere cool on vacation!

I had to get a photo of my sleeping nugget of love. I love it when his tongue sticks out like that! He's still teething, so he's eating, sleeping, drooling, and crying more. We can see four working their way through, the top two middle and the lower two incisor, any guesses on which one will cut through first? Your options are: top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right. Leave your guesses in the comments section. The winner gets a special WigPrize!


Chris said...

How sweet. He's just precious. I am enjoying my map, too. Fun to figure out who each of the dots represents. We are working on new teeth as well, all on top. Hope your heart day was great!

Deanne said...

Cute pic! It's incredible how absolutely precious they are when they are sleeping, yes?!

Let's guess (because I wanna win a prize, a Wigprize, even if I don't know what it is!) is that the top left will pop out first. :)

Molly said...

Hey- I think dinner will be Thursday at 6:30 if that works for you. Just let me know... Talk to you later. :)

kimmy said...

Hey i made one of these thingys... nothing kewl yet but in the year it will be awesome... i love urs.. well talk to you later...

love ur daughter, kim melchert

Anonymous said...

On the tooth contest, I say Bottom Left.
Grandpa in TN

I'd like to speak to Ezra before I send my entry. I see that he's currently very busy. Okay, already. My guess it top right.
Grandma in TN

Anonymous said...

Well- I really have no clue how baby's teeth come in so I'll throw a wild "top right" and just pray it will win me a wigprize! :)

Its been so long since I've seen you! Tomorrow night baby! :)

Anonymous said...

and then I always forget to sign my anonymous comments-

Yours truly,