Monday, February 5, 2007

No Shadow!

Funny joke for the week: Grampa J tells me that if the Groundhog sees his shadow, we're in for another six weeks of winter. If he doesn't then we're in for a month and a half more.

Guess who's taking over the kitchen while the table is getting refinished?

This is snow candy! Jamie, Z and I boiled down molasses and brown sugar poured it over snow. Tasted as yummy as it sounds (not very).

The Fight Fest Ben and I went to for my birthday! All the "Instigators" from Victory School of Martial Arts rocked! Our martial arts instructor helped train them, and they were undefeated that night!

Random cuteness....(I think he was smiling at Aunt Jamie here, he's always flirting with her.)

My little experiment...V8, Razzmataz, Carotine oil, and mustard
This is a sample of frieze carpet (the newest invention since Berber), it's supposed to be as durable as Berber, but softer. So, I thought I'd see just how stain resistant it was! From top left, clockwise we have: V8, mustard, oil, and Raspberry stuff.

This is just after running hot water over the carpet! After this I tried Resolve carpet cleaner and it didn't budge the stubborn oil stain. Two applications of Gain detergent later most of it had come out. So, even though the oil took a little work, most stains took no work at all, and I'm sold! Our next big project (after the table), is to tear down the wall in our living room, and restore this 115 year old house to it's original state of having one big living room. So, we'll have some frieze carpet bound to act as a large rug over the maple floors. If only we could decide on the colors for the wall!


Chris said...
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Anonymous said...

Becca - we did a similar "Snow Candy" experiment when we were young. We used Maple Syrup (the real kind - not "Aunt Jemima" and it was pretty good. Of course that was when I was young and also enjoyed the flavor of Milk Bonz dog buscuits as well.....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've come over to check yours out. Isn't that snow candy similar to what they made in the Little House on the Prairie books? They made it sound so yummy. I guess that our overabundance of candy these days has sort of changed our appreciation of the simple things. :)

Love the carpeting. I wish we had some of that!