Monday, February 12, 2007

Just me!

Hey everybody! Mom didn't think she'd have any pics for you this week, so I took the liberty of taking a few for her...mostly of moi!Frozen new favorite teething treat!
Daddy and I had fun while Mommy went to Pottery Class.
That guy really knows how to make me laugh!
My what big teeth I have!
The new and improved kitchen table that Grandma and Grandpa H gave Mom and Dad for their wedding almost 10 years ago! (They are so old!) They stained the top cherry (if you can't tell) and say they plan to paint the chairs blue someday. I'll believe it when I see it.
And we're back to me! Yes, I'm officially crawling...kinda. I still go backwards better, but I can pull myself along a few inches. This is me going back and forth! I feel like I'm moving so fast, but I find I don't really get that far.
Everyday I watch the cars go by from my post. It's my job.
Aunt Bekah really caught me off-guard taking this picture of me with her boyfriend, Jeremy. They watched me while Mom and Dad went on their "Valentine's date", whatever that is.

All in all I had a good week. Still taking swim classes, I plan to graduate next week. I'm on the verge of cutting two more teeth. Daddy says it'll be anyday now. Well, I better get going before they notice I'm not really napping! Later!


Chris said...

Adorable as usual! We went to our first Valentine's Day Party today at our Baby & Me group. Fun fun. Glad you got your card & pic. No return card necessary. I had fun making them. Congrats on swim class graduation. D got his 3rd tooth today! 3 in the span of a week & 3 more on their way. Pity the sleep deprived mommy.

Chris said...

Hey, how do you get the option to subscribe to your site feed to show up at the bottom of your blog page? Josh wants to subscribe to my feed.