Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Last Friday night we had some friends from Indiana over, and our little guy took a tumble down the back steps (they're cement!). It was SO SAD! It was the worst spill we've had yet and first bloodshed. It's already healing, I just took all these pictures today, so you can see for yourself.
My sister-in-laws, Missy and Debbie came over today. Missy brought her three. We went to the park, bought some squeaky shoes for the kids (Mary Janes for me) and played dress up. This is Ally (aka Al Pal and Ally-gator) in her splendid silliness.
The beautiful, Jenna-bug.

My nieces!

And my nephew, Owen. Such a cuddler! Z calls him "Owee"
I'm so thankful to have gotten to be with family today. Growing up I despairingly thought I'd never be an aunt. God definitely had other plans when I married into the WigClan! Ben being the oldest of five, we should hopefully have as many nieces and nephews as there are stars in the sky. Well, at least a whole bunch.

Good book alert! I read it in a week, and with all the time I have to read anymore, that means it was pretty short. Entitled, "For the Children's Sake" by Susan Shaeffer Macaulay I was enthralled. Thanks to a tip from fellow blogger, Jana, I checked the book out from the library and am now a changed woman. It was so wonderful to read a book based on 100 year old educational theories (by Charlotte Mason) that validate my own intuition and desires in parenting and educating my son! I've asked Ben to read it as well. Such a common sense approach to teaching children, loved it! Click on Jana's link for a good synopsis of the book.

Finally, I had a funny thought and wanted to share it. I was thinking, how interesting it is how money and diet have so much in common? If you're overweight the best plan is to move more, eat less. If you're in debt or feeling "tight" you need to either make more money or spend less. You must eat to survive and you really can't live financially on nothing, so there are minimum needs, but then it's so easy to over eat and to overspend! Finding a balance in these two areas is crucial, I just wonder how interconnected they are in people's lives. I know they are in mine! For instance, I vacillate between being pretty balanced most of the time in both eating and spending money, but then I have my periodic bouts of eating tons of sweets and spending too much. Having half the income in our family has helped fix the shopping sprees, and I can't help but wonder since our money is so much better managed now that we must measure it so closely, that perhaps my sweet tooth would be helped by some calorie counting.


Dana said...

i recently discovered charlotte mason's ideas from a more experienced homeschooling mom. (www.amblesideonline.com has a curriculum outline that is based on her stuff). in reading over some of the website, it falls pretty much in line with the www.robinsoncurriculum.com which is what i bought last year to use with the kiddos. i do like her approach to teaching and learning.

Nicki said...

I actually had Charlotte Mason related book in my hand at the bookstore today but decided I wouldn't actually read it any time soon. I might have that particular book living on my bookshelf though and I've been trying to decide on another homeschool philosophy book to read instead of curriculums so I think I'll have to check it out.

Ohhh and how are the squeeky shoes? We had a toddler in the nursery wearing a pair last weekend and needless to say he went barefoot about 5 minutes after mommy left. It was the first time I'd even heard of those shoes and now it's twice in one week!


Chris said...

Well, aren't you the ponderer? Sounds like fodder for the Zerbik. And Ezra looks none the worse for wear after his encounter with the back steps. Scrapes and bruises are very "boy" I'm finding. Sorry you had to go through the mommy anguish, though.

Chris said...

P.S. What I don't understand is why it's so much more expensive to eat healthy???

Nicki said...

I didn't find that book on my shelf but while we were at the christian bookstore today I found it on the bargain table...and now I'm off to read it :)