Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Old gnews, but good gnews

Welp, I tried to upload a video from our camera to share, but it took over two hours and still wasn't done, so I gave up. We just received a CD of pictures from the past year from our friends, the Glessners, and wanted to share some of them.

This is Ben with Chris Glessner at the Queen concert last year. I love the beard on Ben!

Our little aviator in his Snoopy doll's goggles.

A group shot of our trip to WV a couple months ago. From left to right, our little WigFam, the Glessners, and the O'Briens.
So, I bought some roller blades at a garage sale over the summer and yesterday I finally tried them out! It was so fun! My friend, Melinda, goes roller-blading while she pushes her stroller around her town. I'm still a bit wobbly on brick side walks and hills that lead into a road, but I think I'll be able to join her someday! I'd have taken a picture of myself, but I was a bit busy keeping myself upright! Just imagine knee pads and wrist guards on a 30 year old woman roller blading around trying to gain confidence in her stride!


Anonymous said...

LOL, That's a funny image you put in my head with you on roller blades pushing the stroller.... but way to go for you!! I want to be a cool mom in my 30's that takes my kids on a walk with roller blades on!

Chris said...

Can I be like you? I think it's great that you're doing something new and fun! Just don't break a leg or anything.

Peggy said...

Well, I've got my bike, but i'd like roller blades too! Imagine this 50 year old bladin' around. Actually a neighbor is a former Olympic speed skater, in her 40's and still skating through the neighborhood. You can do it!

kimmy said...

lol.. that would be funny seeing you do that..but keep it up you will be great.. you always are great at everything you try...

love kim