Friday, August 3, 2007

Rolling Ridge Ranch

Last Saturday Z and I went to Rolling Ridge Ranch in Berlin, Ohio (heart of Amish country) with my friend, Melinda, and her little two and a half year old, Maddi. First we had fun in the petting zoo area, then we took off in a horse drawn carriage (yes our guide was Amish!) through the woods to feed the animals. We went early in the day which meant the animals were hungry and they would run to us, we thought we'd get run over in a stampede! I definitely didn't expect to get as close to all the animals as we did and have so much fun!

Yes he nibbled Z's fingers after we fed him an animal cracker, but he didn't cry, so it must not have hurt.

Feeding the water buffalo off the back of the carriage. Since we're such big Veggie Tale fans, this was extra special for us..."Everybody's got a water buffalo, yours is fast but mine is slow..."

Melinda and Maddi feeding the ostrich

Here they come and boy are they hungry!

See the one looking at us!?

I thought it would be cool to take a black and white picture of a zebra.


Railey said...

Did you see a Cebu?

kimmy said...

awww how cute... gotta love wild animals....

talk to you soon..

love kim..

Chris said...

What a fun outing! Much better than the zoo, I'd think.

Nicki said...

That looks soooo amazingly fun! What an awesome adventure!