Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hey! Our Mommy Group went really well, we had six Mommies show up and nine kids betwixt them. We made a list of topics we want to cover in future meetings while the kiddos played nearby. Unfortunately, my update about the biter biscuits isn't as happy. Since I made them less chewy this time, Z has not been as interested in them. I took them to the Mom's Group, and since there were sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies there, the kids were NOT interested in "good for you" cookies, to say the least, let alone hard ones. We'll wait until Z starts a teething bout again to make sure, but I'm thinking this batch might get relegated to the dogs.

Today, my ambitious plan is to make a Christmas list of everyone we plan to buy for, and try to identify what we want to do for them. I have enough gracious family members (on both sides) that I may be able to get away with some homemade gifts again. I have too many crafty ideas to count, we'll see what pans out. Usually I don't get started on all this until Thanksgiving when there's totally not enough time to make crafts for people. Since we're trying to pay Ben's school loan off in one year then mine in the following five (tee hee), we're on a budget, so the creative juices are flowing! I've got pottery dreams, knitting thoughts and a stitching/watercolor combo idea that just might be presentable. Less talky, more doey!

Go figure. When Ben asked Z to give the dogs their treats tonight, he ate them, so I'm glad I made them and know they're actually biter biscuits without the sweet stuff added. Perhaps the dogs and Z will swap biscuits. So far, no barking from Z (I think we're ok, thanks for the concern, Grandpa).


Deanne said...

You had a mommy's group?? How fun! Sorry that your teething biscuits weren't all the rave you'd hope they'd be....maybe next time!

Kristina said...

I can't wait until we are finally settled here (we are moving again in about a month -- but in the same town), so I can start getting to know moms here.

Mostly, I would love to get to know other moms that I share common interests with (as opposed to ones that simply have children the ages of mine). It sounds like that is what your group is, so lucky you!

Maybe you should also start a Christmas gift crafting group!

Anonymous said...

The biscuits LOOK as if they'd succeed. Sorry they didn't. Mind you, though, your apprentice cut-out fella seems to be doing a professional job.
(That's the opinion of a
biased 'someone' coping with a heat wave south of where you live.)

May all in your mommy group be blessed as each of you encourage one another.

Chris said...

I'm so excited your mommy group was a success!! I'll give you a call soon and you can give me all the details. I'm really proud of you getting this thing organized and off the ground. All that and homemade puppy and baby treats to boot. You're some lady!

Jenn said...

How hilarious that they're swapping cookies! I'm so glad your mommy group went so well. I haven't forgotten about emailing you about MOPS - just over my head right now. I will soon - kids go back to school next week.

Dana said...

ooh, last year we had a craft exchange. there were eight women involved, i think, and we all submitted two craft ideas to be voted on by everyone. then we made 7 of everything (8 if we wanted our own craft also) and then had a brunch and exchanged them there. so we walked away with 8 different crafty gifts that we might not have been able to do on our own. like one woman made an embroidered christmas towel, i couldnt' have done that because i don't have an embroidery machine, plus doing an assembly of "mass" production is cheaper and faster than trying to make 8 different things yourself. it was really fun :)

kimmy said...

lol... i hope he doesn't start barking that would be scary.. i would be alittle concerned.. tristan is doing good... his rash is starting to go away... thanks for ur time when i called the other day.. well talk to you soon... miss you and love you ur daughter, kim melchert