Sunday, March 9, 2008

the bump

After playing in the snow today, had to get a picture
I was so proud I still fit into my old snow suit!
What makes me think it could be a girl: I'm carrying a bit higher than last time (as evidenced by comparing measurements from the first pregnancy to the second), and I had nausea and fatigue like I never had the first time. What make me think it's a boy: I have pregnancy acne again like with Z and I'm told a higher heart rate is indicative of a boy too and it was just as high as Z's was. Any thoughts on this? I ask my mother-in-law and she says, "It's definitely a baby."

I have lots of new pics and stuff to post, but blogger isn't wanting to upload more than one photo at a time today, so it'll have to wait. Come back soon!


Deanne said...

I thought the heart rate thing was the other way around...higher for a girl and lower for a boy. Hmmm.....but I agree with your mil, I thinks it definitely a baby! :)

Nicki said...

How exciting to hear the heartbeat! I'm a teensy tiny bit jealous :)

Molly K. Majestic said...

Sorry this weekend didn't work out... I'll call you and we'll get together this week for sure.

Crazed Tribe Fan said...

Just getting started but visit me!

Chris said...

Your most reliable indicator at this point is heart rate. It's not as good as the 20 week ultrasound, but it was right with D.