Sunday, March 30, 2008


Has the whole world gone to pot? Everything is more expensive, yes we know, but I didn't know that not only are we getting less but it's an inferior quality! THREE things we have bought in the last month have been defective and we've had to call and get a replacement or refund: a sippy cup that fell apart, diapers we've used for almost a year also falling apart, and our beloved Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats, cucky and stale. Thankfully, the latter seems to be a one time event as subsequent boxes have been just fine. But really! The elastic on one side of the diaper inside it was coming off (probably 12 out of 15 diapers) and giving my poor son a wedgie! Not cool! And the sippy cup simply came out of it's casing. What IS the world coming to?

In much much brighter news, our dear friends, Matt and Molly, were finally able to visit (third try was the charm). Matt flew in all the way from Utah and we had a lovely time the four of us Saturday evening. Unfortunately, most of the pictures I took were blurry and since the flash was bothering everyone's cones and rods I didn't get too many good ones. So, you two will have to come back for more pictures, 'cause this is all I got:

In other good news, my Mom is coming this Friday to keep me company while Ben goes away for a certification training in Tennessee for a week. It's really neat, we were just talking about when I'd see them next, I mentioned I'd be alone for a week and they called (my cell!) from Germany to tell me that she could come (with just two weeks notice!). Not sure what that'll look like on the cell phone bill, but it's worth it, I'm super excited she's coming!

And now, a confession. It may be noticeable from the last few month's posts, but I've had quite the appetite for yummy food. Well, after doing the bills, it was clear that we (meaning I) have been spending too much at the grocery store. Like, way too much. So, to get back on budget, the plan is to stop spending all together and eat the food we have (just buying the necessities). THEN, once the food is all gone, which may take a while since I've stock-piled like the "Mid-Winter Jicker" is coming, we're thinking of trying something new. Ben heard about on a Dave Ramsey radio show that can help people get back on budget with their grocery spending. It costs $5 a month, but wait! The meal plan option for 2-3 people from Wal-Mart (where I often have to shop anyways, sadly), costs on average $30-$40 a week for five meals. Anyways, it sounds neato, check it out and tell me what you think!

Thanks so much to those that prayed for us, our song went well, we even led a worship song too at the pastor's request. The special music song we did is called, "Around My Neck," by 100 Portraits. Those of you who went to LeTourneau with us might remember Robin singing it in concert there about 11 years ago. If you like this, please support them! For $8.40 you get an entire album on MP3 downloaded to your computer in minutes, which you can then use to make yourself a CD, play on your computer, or put on an IPod or MP3 player. Go to this link and pick your MP3 album. The song we did is on the "Five Wise Virgins" album, but I also highly recommend the first and third "Enter the Worship Circle" albums.


Nicki said...

I've been REALLY bad about the groceries lately too...mainly because I buy stuff and decide it's disgusting and I haven't liked cooking in a really long time...but I think I'm going to join the e-mealz and see if that will help. It looks easy enough and it's definitely cheap with a pre-made plan I won't have tons of groceries languishing in my fridge while I think "man, if I could just think about food I could figure out what to do with it." So, I'm off to sign up. Thanks for the idea!

Nicki said...

Ok, I'm adding that I found a coupon "DAVE" that gives you 20% off.

Matthew Sebree said...