Saturday, March 1, 2008

The story of two apples

The Story of Two Apples
This is the story of a little boy and two apples. One morning the mother of the little boy found him with two very nice apples. Everywhere he went, the apples did as well. The apples were quite helpful in keeping the little boy entertained as he watched his mother go about her business in the kitchen and as he got his diaper changed. Well, except when managing two apples in the air as he laid on his back became a little too much and one fell on his face and made him cry. But, mostly, he rolled the apples down his slide and pretended to feed them to his toy dog.

As the day wore on and the little boy got sleepier he seemed to cling to the apples even more and had some difficulty getting dressed for bed with two apples in his hands. He was able to hold both apples with his left arm and hand so he could put his right arm through the sleeve, but he couldn't switch the apples over to the right side and cried when they fell.

When his bedtime came, the little boy took the apples with him and his Daddy rocked them all to sleep. Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. In trying to lay the little boy and his apples down, the apples woke the boy up! What's worse is he refused to let go of those apples that kept him awake and cried if anyone touched them!

His Mommy heard his cries and came to help. Thankfully, the little boy had found a way to get comfortable with the apples by using one as a pillow and cuddling with the other, so he was very ready to go to sleep when he heard his favorite bedtime story and Bible verse.

The Mommy was very careful to wait until the little boy was sound asleep to move the apples so they didn't wake him up again. She put them in a safe place so he could wake up and find them again and take them where ever he should go. The End.
(The above was written in the journal I keep of Z and his adventures)

Eatin' yoghurt on apple day
I've been feeling creative in the kitchen lately and can't say that I endorse the above recipe 100%...unless, that is, you LOVE bacon, broccoli AND gnocchi (potato dumpling like pasta). That's pretty much all there is to this (plus some onions, I used leeks) and it's really rather unusual for a dinner at least around here. Indian food, Korean food all par for the course, but this? When I went to Italy I ordered gnocchi at a fancy restaurant, and it was marvellous, as was this gnocchi I bought in a vacuum pack from the grocery store. Interestingly, they served it plain. I never know what to put with gnocchi (not red sauce!), and I go to Italy and they serve it plain. So, this recipe helped me dress it up a bit and share it with my husband. He liked the dumpling texture of the gnocchi and all the bacon, but we had to giggle when we talked about who would eat the leftovers (seen above) for dinner the next night. I got that privilege and me thinks once was enough.

I've been setting off the alarms at Kohls almost everytime I go for a long time now (specifically, since my parents bought it for me at Kohls last FALL!). It made me not want to go there, even though the associates didn't seem to care and usually waved me through. Once, they told me it was my cell phone. That didn't make sense because ONCE I had my cell phone and it didn't go off. The one time the alarm didn't go off. Finally this week, I asked a sales associate, one that I thought looked like she knew what she was doing, "Why do I set the alarms off everytime I come here?" "Oh," she says, "it's probably a tag in your coat, you can cut it out." I said, "What?" and took my coat off, "show me!" And she did! There in my coat was a little tag that looked like a tag they'd put, "Dry clean only" on, that really said, "Remove this tag." The lady offered to cut it for me and I said, "Yes, yes! Do it!" And my problem came to a sudden end.

We have earned $17.67 now on our Discover card. Just $2.33 more and we can have that as cold hard cash!

Hotdogs on a stick (previously from a corndog) make them oh such a treat to my son, who likes to dip anything in ketchup. Let me just say Hebrew National Hotdogs are a family favorite. Nothing says, "I love you" like processed kosher meat.

I have begun to add labels to my 75 previous posts. It's a work in progress, needless to say, and I should have been labeling all along. But I didn't. So, for your added convenience, you can see a growing list of my labels on the side bar, click on recipes or topics you like and find them more easily. Yay!


Chris said...

We love Hebrew National hot dogs, too, especially the reduced fat ones. The regular are too greasy but the 98% fat free have an odd texture.

Love the apple story. Your journaling makes me feel a little jealous.

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Too cute, Love the tale fo two apples