Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Greetings

Well, we had a nice Easter, below is our attempt at a traditional Easter picture. Z had a super cute Easter dress shirt on with khakis but had to be changed into Easter outfit 'B' after the great Easter poo of 2008. It took both Daddy and Mommy to clean that one up. I was sad our phone wasn't working for Easter thus making contact with family a bit difficult, but we got our Vonage box in the mail Monday and are now in business. Our number will be transferred by April 2nd so all should be well after that. We have a temporary number until then, e-mail me if you're in need of it or just call our cells.

We went to Agland's, a pet and farm supply store, to visit the Easter Bunny (who was too skinny and just a little scary) and some real bunnies. I got all itchy just from being near them, I'm SO allergic! Z doesn't seem to share my allergies...yet.

We're still doing swim classes at the Y. Daddy usually gets in with him as I can't be bothered to get all wet for just a half hour, so I'm the helper before and afterwards. Z is getting so much more comfortable in the water. Ben's started letting him fall in when he jumps before Ben counts him in. He goes under, looks up at you from under the water, then bobs up. He's kicking, using his arms, turning around to climb in, and today he climbed out all by himself. He loves to inch along the side wall all by himself.

Daddy was being silly decorating our son, who loved it. We were both shocked when a letter floated by and Z said, "T", which it was! We were so proud! We do A LOT of alphabet work, so it's nice to have a little reward like that once in a while.

I call this one, "Finale."

Well, if you think of it, pray for us this Sunday. We're singing at church for a little "talent show" they're having. It's been years and years since we sang for an audience. For those that don't know, we led a worship team at our college for about three years then started a youth group band at a youth group we volunteered with after college for two years. So, it's been about eight years and it's exciting and scary all at the same time.


Chris said...

I don't know if it's the dress or the baby on board, but girl, you're lookin' extra well endowed! Miss you!

Deanne said...

Cute family pic! Sorry to hear about the 'poo' incident - lol!!! :)