Monday, March 17, 2008

Gettin' Wiggy!

We had some beautiful weather this past week and we took full advantage of it! There was still snow from the great blizzard of 2008 the weekend before, but that didn't stop us from taking an hour and half walk one day, just Z and I, without the stroller! We were almost home when Daddy came home and wanted to play outside with Z too! Boy was he tired that night! The next few pictures are ones Ben took during their time playing outside...

Ben and I have been just smitten with this little boy, lately.

Here, Ben said Z saw an airplane in the sky, leaned out of his car and waved, "Hi"!

This is from Friday night when Mommy was working, Z helped Daddy do the dishes. After this, he thought he got to help every time there was water in the sink and was very disappointed when Mommy wasn't as fun as Daddy.
Looking up to Daddy...oh, and wearing his shoes.Family Bed
I just wanted to share with y'all what our gianormous family bed looks like! It's almost more than the camera could capture. Ben and I sleep on the King size bed that's at the bottom. Z (seen in the distance) sleeps on the far side of the full size mattress that's next to it. Both beds are on the floor, ours doesn't need a boxspring, but his does to reach the height of ours. We have single down comforters on all three so we can crawl out of our respective spots when needed (I'm up 1-2 times a night these days!). We've found that Z sleeps better in his own bed, but likes to look up and see if we're around when he wakes up at all hours of the night. It's also easier to comfort him when he needs his bottom patted back to sleep. Just thought you'd like to see a bed that was almost 11 feet in width! Money for Nothin'!
Yes, you too can get coupons like this! Here's my third installment of "Money for Nothin'". Our good friend, Matt O'Brien, shared this one with us a good year or two ago. He said that all Hanes products were GUARANTEED for life! He realized this from reading the back of the package, who'd have thunk it!? Turns out, if you buy, or better yet, have already bought any Hanes underwear (boxers OR briefs) or socks or really anything else they might sell, and it has a hole in it, you're in luck! We've sent back packages of holey old underwear and socks twice now. The first time Ben weighed the package at work, they sent him a mailing label then we got a package of socks in the mail and a check for the underwear! The second time, Ben called them and they said they didn't even need the old holey stuff mailed and that they'd send us coupons to replace them. Sure enough, you can see the picture to prove it! It's so happy! If you aren't so fortunate as to have already holey underwear and socks in your dresser drawers right now, don't panic. You can just make a point of buying Hanes brand the next time you're in the market for socks and undies! Tee hee! For more info on how to get your Hanes goods replaced, I found this on their website:

For questions regarding a purchase you made at a retail store or to arrange the
return of a Hanes® product you purchased at a retail store:

Contact Retail Customer Service:
Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Eastern Time

Becca's Favorite Things
These, my friends, are called "SmartWool" socks. The ones above are two of Ben's, I realize the picture is misleading, Smartwool socks come matching, I just wanted to show you two examples. You can learn a lot about them on the SmartWool website, but I'll summarize for ya. Made from fancy Merrino sheep wool from New Zealand, they keep you warm when you need, cool when you need, dry all the time, and stink free! They're also super soft and comfy. I especially like how snugly they fit. Mine are longer. Secretly, I sometimes find myself thinking, "We must be rich! Ben has four pairs of SmartWools, I have two and Z even has a pair!" We were given at least three of our pairs. They're not your economical Hanes as they go for $10 for a pair of footies up to $22 for boot socks online. We've found them cheaper at climbing stores like Appalacian Outfitters, but that was a long time ago, when I was working, so maybe their prices went up. I believe Ben's business partner at the airport, Eric, found SmartWools on ebay in bulk before. Anyways, I found myself thankful for my SmartWools this week and thought I'd include them in Becca's Favorite Things.

Not among Becca's Favorite things this week: VOIP! (Voice over internet Protocol). There's some voice over internet phone services that may be just fine, but we have not been happy with VOIP the carrier. We're thinking of switching to Vonage. Any bad experiences out there? We've had no working phone for six days out of the last two weeks. Again, if you need to contact us, call our cells or e-mail us! Thanks!


yarnsticks said...

My daughter has been smitten with the dishwashing bug. She HAS to help. I often don't have the patience for water all over the place (and all over me) at the end of a long day, but I try to compromise and save a few things for her to do after I am finished. We are both happy that way!

That is one BIG bed!! I just simply can NOT sleep with my kids. I don't care how big the bed is, they would still attach themselves to me for the entire night. I always have a sore back after a night of sleeping with them!

thanks for the info on hanes!!

Ivy Six-Pack said...

Jeffrey has taken to getting out of his bed and into mine sometime in the middle of the night. I swear there is a magnet attched to him and I because if i move over to give him room, he scoots closer so that every inch of his body is touching mine!

For the Hanes thing, do you just call customer service?

Chris said...

I admire your dedication to the family bed, and that is one big bed! You gave us like three posts for the price of one there! I'll have to check out those socks.

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