Thursday, August 7, 2008

Friday Finale

Becca's Favorite ThingsHere's another one of Becca's Favorite Things! I've been using Auromere Toothpaste for about seven years now. It has no flouride, it's primary ingredient is chalk, it has neem, peelu and tea tree oil in it as well as a plethora of other wonderful herbs. My dental hygienist has been impressed with the results. I buy it from the local health food store and personally prefer "Fresh Mint" to the "Licorice" and "Mint Free" flavors. I've told y'all in the past that I am intrigued with the ancient Indian medical science, "Ayurveda". This toothpaste gets their stamp of approval which tells me it's got to be good for you. I also like that I can let my son use it, if need be, and not worry if he ingests it. Normally he uses fun flavored natural toothpaste.

The tongue cleaner seen in the picture became part of my life around the same time as the toothpaste. I truly don't feel as though I've finished brushing my teeth until I've scraped my tongue. You can just use a big spoon if you want, but this tool seems to do the job the best. I bought it at For those familiar with Reflexology, the tongue (like the foot and hand and ear) is a map of the rest of the body and by scraping off the toxins on your tongue, you're detoxing your whole body. I believe this has helped me avoid sickness at times, reduces bad breath and just makes my mouth a happier place.

Money For Nothin'
Two fun little ideas for you to consider:
1. SwapaDVD and PaperbackSwap: Found these on (which you should totally check out and be wowed like me). They are on-line borrowing systems for DVDs and books. It's cheap (under $2 per DVD) and easy (you actually print out the mailers and tape them). I'm a little worried about my Veggie Tales getting scratched up by the little kids I know will watch them, and am leaning toward trying the paperback swap instead.

2. Check your local grocery store's websites for weekly ads and coupons. My personal favorite is Giant Eagle's web coupons. You register once with the site, so it has your Giant Eagle card number, then, you browse through their web coupons, click which ones you want and they are directly applied to your Giant Eagle card. You don't even have to print them out. You might consider writing them down though, the only reminder you get is on-line. I saved $1 on butter this way and $1 on any House of Tsang product (great General Tseos and Sweet and Sour Sauce). The next few times I checked I didn't see many coupons that I needed. - - - - If you are into CVS, Walgreens or Rite-Aid shopping, check out as she regularly posts the best deals at each of those on her site among random freebies she hears about and general money saving tips.

Hope you've enjoyed four posts in one week! Click on "See older posts" at the bottom to see Tuesday's post. I don't think I'll be doing this many on a regular basis, once a week works for me.


Nicki said...

I have never seen a tongue scraper! That is fascinating!

I belong to paperback swap, and it's not really a "borrowing" system. Once you send your stuff out you never see them again. You do get credits so you can "purchase" a book from someone else to replace the book you just sent. I've mailed out 27 books and received 7 so far. I also have a wishlist of like 80 books I'm wanting that I'm on a waitlist for. It's definitely a help to our homeschool budget! I just though I should clarify how the sites work.

Oh, and I subscribed to moneysavingmom. I thought I was already but apparently not.

Anonymous said...

I love tongue scrapers... but that one takes the cake. As for the toothpaste... I think you lost me at chalk. My eighth grade English teacher used to eat chalk when he thought we weren't looking (like during tests). It grossed me out and now the thought of chalk in toothpaste is bringing back those memories.

PaperbackSwap... (have you signed up yet? If you sign up through my link, I get a book credit). I like it, have sent a couple books out and gotten a few as well. The only downside I have seen is that they don't have a lot of the books on my request list.