Friday, August 29, 2008

WigFam Update

Above are some pictures of the last couple of weeks. About the bags...I'd like to give credit to Sarah at Hip to Piece Squares* for the instructions on how to make the three simpler bags shown together in the slide show. The Jonas Brother's logo was found online, reversed and printed onto iron-on transfer paper, then ironed onto material. The orange bag was made from a diplomatic pouch my dad found in the trash at an American base in England. The green one is my own concoction that I'm constantly tweaking. It was originally inspired by a brown paper bag from our grocery store. These bags represent two firsts for me: liners and interfacing! I'm such a big girl now!

Scroll down to her 3-26-08 post, "How to make a bag," I couldn't link to the post. Sorry!

Below is a short video of MY new exciting thing. Almost EVERY day we spend about an hour sitting on the computer playing on one of Z's three favorite websites: Starfall, FisherPrice, and Julia's Rainbow Corner*. There are some interactive games on the second which allows him to use any key on the keyboard to play, but the rest require the ability to click the mouse. He can move the mouse where it needs to go, but he couldn't click the least not the right button. Two days ago, I taught him which button he needs to push to make things work and he got it. First, he moved the mouse with his right hand and clicked with the left, then he used his right thumb and today he's using his right index finger! No one knows what freedom this brings Mommy and Daddy. Now when we hear that dreaded request, "C's!" we just pull up the website and say, "You do it." Bad parenting? I call it individuating. Encouraging independence. Those that know us well know we're a bit doting usually, so a little freedom for us is rare.

*We go to this website out of desperation for something new. It's NOT the best site, but it has a couple of games Z likes. I'd love ideas for other educational kid's sites if you know of any others!

Our baby girl gets the hiccups about 2-3 times a day these days. It's super fun, I love almost every minute of this experience. I've been feeling great. Just four weeks from today I'm due! We know there's lots of people out there wondering what we'll name her and we want to share with you when we know, but preferably not over the world wide web. So...if you're interested, send me your snail mail address and you'll either get a real live announcement in your mail or an e-mail one if we get lots of requests. Otherwise, you'll see the pseudonym on here. My e-mail is beccawigton [at] tusco [dot] net. Thanks for wanting to know!!!


Chris said...

I have to say that the diplomatic pouch bag is my fav! Super cool!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Becca!
Re: educational websites, we love, there are tons of fun kids games on there, some including Buzz Lightyear!
We also like, it's super fun, and creed really jams to the music on there.
Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

that is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile! (Z on the playing games) can't wait to see your baby! I'd love to be on the list for email to know the name of your little girl!

Anonymous said...

oops... signed... ~Coleen

Jennifer said...

I love starfall! My little guy has been doing it every morning after the older ones go to school - makes me feel a little better about not sending him to preschool this year...

I've also been having my first grader work through the reading part a little every day after school.

The Scherms said...

Can't wait to see baby girl! You will have to post pics of her!

There are games on Seasame Street too. I can't remember the site ( I used to use it a lot when I was babysitting), but there's a fun Elmo alphabet game and a bunch of other games too.