Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wednesday Fun

Modern Day Mayberry

I kept seeing this sign outside one of the nearby strip malls that I pass on the way to WalMart. The more I saw it, the more I questioned, "What is Alpine JL? What is Clarion JBL? Are they foods?" Then I got chuckling because, I wasn't sure whose sign it was to begin with, or what the two things were that they were advertising, but I did know that they have no tacos. I'm assuming it's some Curves lingo. We'll see, I'm about to call and find out...

....[several hours later] I'm back! I called Curves asking if it was their sign and the nice lady there informed me that it was, in fact, NOT their sign, it was the "stereo shop's" sign which I'm assuming is D.J.'s Custom Car Tunes. I told her I was baffled by the "No Tacos" part of the sign. She informed she was too and actually went over to the shop and asked them what the sign meant. They told her that the "Alpine JL" and "Clarion JBL" were both stereos. The tacos? Well, they explained that the other stereo shop on the other side of town sells tacos and they don't. Why the other stereo shop sells tacos, I don't know! But, finally, I have peace. The mysterious sign that was keeping me up at night (not in the least) is finally clear and understood. Whew! I feel better!

I got tagged.
Thanks to Trish, my friend and former Resident Assistant in college.
The rules are as follows:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them
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Unspectacular Quirk #1
*I am super bothered when there are no hand towels in a bathroom when I go at some one's house. Really irks me. Do they think I'm going to use their musty bath towel that they dried their naked bodies off with? So, I usually walk back out to the gathering shaking the water off my hands with a look on my face that says, "It's no bother, I'll just shake them!" It's about as passive aggressive as I get...I think...

Unspectacular Quirk #2
*I ALWAYS use the first stall when in a public restroom (unless it's taken, then I NEVER use the second stall unless there's only two). I heard someone did a study and people use the very first stall the least and the second stall the most. I sure hope that my sharing this doesn't compromise the cleanliness of my beloved first stall.

Unspectacular Quirk #3
*I use regular salt when I bake. I use sea salt when I cook. No exceptions!

Unspectacular Quirk #4
*I have a penchant for old phrases that people of my grandparent's generation like to use. I collect them secretly. For instance, "Land Negotions!" and "Gosh Ned!" I haven't incorporated their use into my daily conversations but I want to.

Unspectacular Quirk #5
*I am quite lactose intolerant normally and have an eczema problem on my scalp, but am free of both when I'm pregnant! Weird, huh?

Unspectacular Quirk #6
*I have a perforated ear drum. This means there's a hole in it. I can hear air go through my left ear if I try to pop my ears. I also used to taste ear drops the doctors made me use in my ears. I've learned to take showers without getting water in my ear. I can't swim very well because it's been this way since I was two (got tubes and the one never healed). It doesn't affect my hearing unless there's background noise...then I'm about deaf.

I almost didn't tag anyone because, well, because. Then, I decided, these people I tag don't actually have to do it! So, I'll list six people as I was instructed and they can do what they want!

I'm going to try to tag people that haven't posted to their blogs in a while as they must need something to blog about: Peggy (last posted 1/21/08), Molly (last posted 5/31/08), Lisa (last posted 4/15/08), Igglis (last posted 1/26/08), Kim (last posted 4/14/08), and finally my best bud, Chrisie, who last posted on 7/22/08, which isn't so bad, I just happen to know you need some bloggy inspiration. Do what you want, love you all!

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