Thursday, August 14, 2008

So many exciting things to look forward to...

I can't wait to meet our baby girl. :-)

After posting so many times last week, it feels like forever since I posted now! Funny how that is. We have a big weekend coming up, Ben's brother Andy, his wife and three kids are all coming. Andy and Ben will be building us new stairs to replace the wobbly old cement ones while Missy and I play with the kids, go to the park, and have fun. I'm very excited about this weekend. I really love having things to look forward to.

I had so many good pictures (Ben took most of them) that I couldn't pick between them. So, you get a whole slide show! The nice thing about it is you can skip it all together if you want. If you came to my house you'd feel much more pressure to watch and appear interested. This way, you can scowl, make snide comments, knock yourself out! Don't you love technology?


Finally, I had a correction to one of last week's posts. I'd like to preface it with a little story about my late Great Aunt Eileen (Grandma J's older sis). Aunt Eileen used to use some of those old phrases I love so much and she used to say, "Land o'Goshen!" somewhat frequently and I once asked her, "Why do you say "Atlantic Oceans! Is it a historical reference?" She laughed at me so hard she cried. So, to make fun of myself I made her a magnet for her fridge that said "Atlantic Oceans!" with some waves and a fish on it. That thing was still on her fridge last time I was at her house in 1998.

Flash forward to August 2008, perhaps I'm a little pregnant, perhaps I just can't remember things anyways, I quote the old phrase on my blog as "Land Negotions!" My dad, very lovingly, sends me an e-mail (private, mind you, to avoid embarrassing me) that says he believes the old saying is, "Land o'Goshen" and he sites a website I can check this with. So, maybe that's why I don't use old phrases too often in my conversations. I have a tendency to misremember them. I mix up my analogies too. Thanks to Dad for the loving correction!

Did I mention I'm just a little excited about meeting our baby girl!??! I'm way excited. It seems most everyone I know that is pregnant is having the opposite sex baby than their last child (at least seven people!). Very interesting phenomenon. We don't have a name for her yet. Do vote on the new names I listed last week on our name list, your input is helpful, really. I have a feeling we won't decide anything before meeting her, then, as it did with Z, there will be a name that just fits her.

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