Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where to Buy Underwear Right Now

Just had to pass this on. We went to the mall yesterday in search of underwear. We checked WalMart (previously), Kohls, Sears, JCPenney's, and Elder-Beerman's. I figured with all that research I should share with someone that Sears won hands down. They had Hanes* 3 packs for $5 in the men's section and little boy tightie whities in three packs, two for $10. They also had character undies for $5.60 for a three pack which is way better than Kohls' buy one pack at $8 get one half price AND it's better than Wal-Mart's regular price of $6.24.

Is Z out of diapers, no. But, we're planning to potty train soon and I've got to have the underroos to be prepared. Not sure how long Sear's 30% off deal is going for the character undies, but the 2 for $10 on non-character ones seemed to be a regular deal they carry. We don't have a Target in our area, so I don't know if they have them cheaper. Do share if you have insider info on this!

Pictures forth coming of our new steps. I left my USB cord in Mansfield over the weekend and can't upload my pics right now. We had a lovely time with Andy, Missy, Jenna, Ally and Owen. Details and photos coming soon.

I'm nesting like it's nobody's business! I've got 18 tubs of home-made applesauce in the deep freezer we bought. Made that with Gramma H a few weeks ago. I also have some zucchini bread in there and seven strombolis. I'm planning to make freezer jam, several batches of pizza dough and Monday we're mass producing soft tacos for the freezer. Since I'm sharing, here's the rest of my "Do before Baby comes" list:
  • Potty train Z
  • Get baby gear out of basement and clean it/replace batteries
  • Fill in new baby book as much as possible (just got this today from my parents)
  • Make two dog coats per dog (our hairless pups need new ones for this winter)
  • Make Christmas gifts for those getting home-made Christmas gifts
  • Make Birthday presents ahead of time for next several months
  • Pack bag for hospital
I've already organized the giant pile of photos that needed organizing. I had wanted to freeze corn too, but Ben helped me get real and decide against it this year. I've never frozen corn before, I can start next year. I wish I could share what I'm making for Christmas gifts, but it's TOP SECRET. I'm not sure how I'm going to conceal it from my mom when she comes to stay with us, but I'm going to try.

More coming as soon....

*see previous "Money for Nothin'" on Hanes products for even more savings.


Stacey said...

You'll have to tell me every little detail on how you potty train Z, since we're at the VERY beginnings of training Coop. He sits and pees every morning now for about a week, and sits ALOT throughout the day with no pee. And we're giving chocolate chips (his fave!) for reward... 1 for sitting, 2 for peeing, 3 for poo. Figure I'll get undies and rubber pants and do that at some point after October (when he's 2) but thought we start this to get him used to the idea.

That's alot of info, huh?! Anyway! Happy Potty training!

kristina said...

You sure have been busy. :) Good luck with the rest of your list.

My husband's family has a dairy farm and also grows sweet corn. We brought home tons of corn and spent several very tiring hours getting it all (about twenty pounds) into the freezer. It was truly tiring, especially with the kids there. (though, next year I'd like to do about 40 pounds!). Probably best that you held off on that. :)