Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'd always said that WalMart would even take underwear back, they take so many returns. Well, yesterday I bought two packages of Hanes for her and at home, I notice that one of the packages is taped shut with clear tape packaging tape. I open it anyways, figuring if I washed them, it's no big deal that they'd been open before. Well, the pair on top that I pulled out was awfully big! I checked the size and they were my size, but something told me to check the next pair. The next pair was significantly smaller. Not only was the first pair a bigger style of undies, they were "Fruit of the Loom"! What's up with that!? Thankfully I didn't notice any grossness on either pair. They're still going back.

Speaking of injustices, my doctor accidentally prescribed me the wrong dosage of synthroid. Like he told me my thyroid was low and he needed to adjust my dosage, but went the wrong way! So, that explains a whole whole lot. Now that it's been corrected, I'm hoping to get warmer and have more energy.

Updates on the WigKids:
Z: Little Z has graduated to a big boy booster seat in the car, which he likes a lot. He's been spending a lot of time in the car lately, playing by himself. I sit on the porch or watch out the window as he plays out there. We're all so ready for Spring, I think he just wants to be anywhere other than inside. Right now he's at the airport hanging out with Daddy. Yes, I'm blogging with my one free hour to myself. He's testing boundaries right and left. We can be on a happy cycle together or a miserable one. If I'm on top of my game I anticipate battles, give choices, look for the positive and find it. If I'm not, we're both miserable.

Juju: Our little muffin weighed in at almost 19 pounds at the doctor's the other day. She rolls over easily and can sit up by herself for prolonged periods. Her hair is starting to come in and it looks strawberry blond to me, just like Z's did. If she's not too tired, she's taken to playing with my mouth while she nurses. She'll reach up and flick my lower lip down so it makes the "baboop" sound. It cracks her up. Her brother also cracks her do the dogs, oh, and the kitchen chairs.

Money for Nothin'
Our dog, Atticus, puked on the corner of one of our down comforters, that's real down, not synthetic filler. He's done this before and it cost us $40 at the dry cleaners. This time, I called ahead and asked if there was any way they could dry clean just the corner as the rest of the comforter was fine. He said 'no', but gave me some valuable information. He told me to buy some ammonia and some tennis balls. The good ones, like Spaulding, that the name won't rub off easily. He said, to go to a laundry mat and find a large front loading washing machine and with just a little detergent and some ammonia, wash it. Then dry it in a large dryer with the tennis balls for a really long time. Since I have a front loading washing machine and the comforter was only a twin size, I did it all at my house. So, for the price of the ammonia and two packages of tennis balls, I have a clean down comforter. I'm so pleased! Since they were so nice, I have to put out a plug for Catola's Dry Cleaners!

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kristina said...

ick on the underwear thing. Maybe they were opened at the store, and an employee just stuck random panties back in and taped? maybe? :)

Hope the med adjustment helps. I wonder how he explained that mistake??

And a little tip that I have used for almost as long as I have been a parent: I look at everything as a "phase" and tell myself whenever there is a more difficult phase, that it will soon pass. Sometimes this helps more than others. :)