Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Man's Dryer

How is it we've been married for nearly 12 years and I'm only now hearing about "The Man's Dryer" my husband helped create?

Here's what his teacher said about it:
A group of college students attempts to create "The Man's Dryer" during the 1990s when "Home Improvement" was popular on TV. The heat source is a Solar APU model T41 (a small jet engine) circa 1959, originally used for auxiliary heat and electricity in KC-135 tankers. ... - Lawrence Robinson


Ivy Six-Pack said...

Love the excitement over the shirt being dry and then the smells strangly of jet fuel!! classic LeTU moments!

Deanne said...

well that was entertaining! :)

lovemylife said...

Oh, my...classic. That was my favorite thing about LU...we got to really do funny things to learn. good times.

Lawrence Robinson said...

Loved this blog. The video record clearly shows Ben giving his camera to Jamie with instructions go shoot "some good ones". I'd love to see some posts of these if they survived.