Friday, March 27, 2009


My goodness, I had a lot of pictures to post today! I doubled the size of March's photo album from 25 to 50 pics! If you scroll over the slide show, it'll give you options to flip through them faster. If you click on it, it'll make the show bigger. There's pics of our worm hunt and Juju's first table food attempt. Above is one of my favorite pics. I was upstairs sewing and had set Juju on the duvet beside a mirror and caught her raising her arms, as in the picture, over and over again. I got a short video of it, but she'd already been doing it for at least 5 minutes before I shot this:

The last one here, I shot about an hour ago, right before her nap. I love when she gets all giggly when she's tired. It's not very steady because she kept kicking my arm or grabbing the camera. It's another piece of grandparent candy. I think I'll coin that phrase. Be warned, if you're not a grandparent of Juju, you may want your money back after this film.

My Dad called today from Afghanistan! He said it was a morale call. Not sure if it was for his morale or mine. I miss my folks something fierce. I wonder if they sell cool afghans in Afghanistan. I should have asked him to look.

Check out the cute stuff on Happy Green Baby. Like this bowling set! Love it!

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Anonymous said...

Great work with the camera as per usual.
Thanks a heap for the treat & for both videos which rate as wonderful.

As for the ph call, "If you ask, you shall receive." Guess you forgot that. :o)