Friday, March 20, 2009

Wrinkle in Time...

For many years I've had a bag in my basement full of treasures and I didn't even know it. My mom had asked for her grandma's old fabric scraps when she retired from quilting and since they live overseas I'd been storing it for her. Finally, my husband said, what's with that bag downstairs? So, after my mom went through it last time she she visited me she told me I could have what was left. Well, there was a lot left and I'm finally getting to post about it. Here's what I found in the bag of fabric from my Great Grandma G. who's 96 and still going strong.
I'm not sure, but I think the yellow fabric above is from my mom's going away dress from 1975.

These two are my favorites, of course there's only enough to make a head scarf out of each.
There's been a couple of surprises in the bag too, like when I opened up this fabric, it turned out to be almost finished pants. Look how high they come up! I love it! I'm wondering who Grandma made these for!!!

There was a finished dress in the bag too, it just needs a belt. What's weird is that it fits me perfectly, could it be...genetics? Ben wants me to wear it as my Easter dress, whaddaya think?

So, I'm modeling my new dress for Daddy and Z walks in and sees me. He immediately runs to my stash of aprons and finds my Texas flag apron and wants to put it he can match Mommy! Aaaaah!
There was also a beautiful quilt that just needs a back to it. Anyways, it's been really fun to go back in time. I've already made a couple of hair bands out of some of the fabric and used some for the pocket of this bag:


Nicki said...

Oh my GOSH those pants are awesome! It's amazing how well that dress fits. I think if you wore it with a nice sweater it could totally work for Easter.

That is definitely a great bag of treasures.

Deanne said...

Ooo la la, love the dress! and the pants....they are to die for! :) I think they're just right.....for you! hee hee

what fun to go through the treasure bag!

Anonymous said...

The dress is fine. Nicki's sweater suggestion would be totally cool.
I would prefer shoes on the feet as well.

Now, help me figure out something to wear for this Sunday. Choir's not singing, so g'pa will be sitting with me & I'd like to be "with it", too.

kristina said...

Lucky you!! Love the fabric. I'm interested in seeing those head scarves you mentioned. :)

lovemylife said...

Oh, Becca, you make everything look cute! I love all of it!