Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Distance Storytime

The following are a couple of videos of our lazy Sunday evening at home yesterday as we watched a video my parents (who live overseas) had done by United Through Reading of them reading to our kids. The program is free and they got to pick out books (5!) and were videoed reading them to our kids. The program then mailed the video AND THE BOOKS to us here in Ohio. We had such a lovely time watching them on video last night. My mom got the giggles during one of the books my Dad was reading which then gave him the giggles too. It was fun and I'm so glad I have it on DVD. I hope to show my grandkids someday.

If you are a grandparent in the California area, a military serviceman, in jail or any combination of the three, you may be able to participate in this fun program (see link above)! I hope they branch outside of California someday, but that's all there seems to be for the grandparent program. My parents are government service overseas, and this is brand new in their area. They said they plan to do it again, so perhaps we'll have several videos to pass on to the kiddos.

This last one is hard to hear, but he's echoing words as his Grandma reads them.

When the stories were finished he said, "Again? Again?"!
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Deanne said...

what a neat thing to be able to do! if we still lived far away (farther than we do now) then I'd soooo look into that!