Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunny and warm

As I sit to type this I realize I haven't taken any pictures of my mom since she arrived Friday night. I'll have to fix that. We've been having a lovely time together. Ben left yesterday for Nashville and is studying hard at a training down there. My Mom and I have enjoyed just doing everything together for a change. We're usually missing each other and wishing we could do this stuff together, and now we are. So, that's pretty neat. We went to a park yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather and Z played in the gravel the whole time. Today we went to swim class today and had fun in the water with Z together. A lovely time was had by all.

On Saturday Ben grilled up some salmon for us that some one brought back from Alaska. In case anyone ever makes salmon, I recommend the glaze he made to go on top...scrummy yummy!!! My mom and I made these oven-baked sweet potato fries to go with it. So very good! Perhaps an odd combination, but I blame the pregnancy. I'm totally unpredictable.

Speaking of pregnancy, I do feel the baby move now. About once a day, sometimes twice, usually around 10pm at night, but occasionally in the afternoon. I've been feeling the baby for sure since week 13. I didn't feel Z until week 14, so this was early. The other night I had a dream that I had triplet boys! The funny thing is that in my dream I was elated! Until my mom moves next door, we'll be thankful for just one at a time.

It appears that 30 people have voted on our baby name list so far. Very fun! Thanks for voting, keep 'em coming! My mom wants me to add the name "Eloise" to the list, I haven't talk to Ben about that one yet. Of course he's not in love with "Vashti" and I put it on there anyways. Can I just say, she was awesome!? She was the queen before Esther (aka Hadassah, also a cool name) who refused to flaunt her stuff before her husband and all of his intoxicated buddies at a feast then got replaced as queen because of her gutsy decision. How cool is that? I guess even if I named my kid that though, the story of Queen Vashti wouldn't really come up that often...well, since 25 of you voted against it, only three of you for it, and two abstained from that one, I'm willing to consider putting it on the back burner for now. But if Ben changes his mind, I'm bringing it back into the running.


Jennifer said...

Hi Becca! Miss you guys! I'm glad to hear your pregnancy is going well! I love sweet potato fries - my favorite are coated with some light cooking spray (or whatever you want) and tossed with a packet of taco meat seasoning - YUM!

Chris said...

I finally voted, and I voted in favor of Vashti. I think it's totally cool! Though very unusual. I see Alice-taire made the boys list again. You can guess what my vote was for that one. :) Hope you and your mom & Z are having a great time. Loved catching up with you last night! Miss you tons.

Anonymous said...

hmm... I'd go with Vashti for a middle name. I LOVE unusual middle names. Now, ask me if I actually GAVE my kids unusual middle names. :) My husband doesn't feel the same way I do, and he "won".

Lucky you having a mom that you are so close to. It must be so nice to spend that time together when you are usually so far apart. enjoy the week. :)

Anonymous said...

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