Sunday, April 13, 2008

You can't lose the memories, man.*

Savoring memories these a picture for posterity of the dimples in Z's hands. I read somewhere that kids don't get knuckles, knees or elbows until they're three. I've only got a little over a year to enjoy this cute feature on him.
I always want to remember what he looks like when I'm holding him asleep in my arms.
Here's a memory for both Grandma and Z, just being together...

Now for some fun stuff! I just reviewed your votes for our baby name list and decided that instead of posting all the results here, it was easier to just rearrange the name list on the site. So, to see the current order of names voted most popular at the top and least popular at the bottom, click on the baby names button in my side bar. If it tells you it's a private list, just try it again, it does work eventually. If you haven't voted yet, feel free to do so, I'll periodically update the order to reflect the actual order of popularity.

The countdown begins now for finding out what the sex is. Just 25 more days until my ultrasound on May 8th. I'm super excited, my parents will be back in town visiting again and will be able to go with us when we find out (if baby cooperates). My mom got to hear the heartbeat this week when I went for my 16 week appt. with my mother-in-law, (aka my midwife). The heart beat was 155 this time, down from 165 the last two times. My mother-in-law said she did a paper in college on the relationship between heart rate and sex and firmly concluded there was no correlation. She says if it's born with a penis we'll call it a boy, if not, we'll call it a girl. I think it's more fun to speculate! Tee hee!

*Extra WigPoints to anyone who can name the Veggie Tale this quote came from!


Elizabeth Wickland said...

I'd heard that about babies not having knee caps until they were 3-6 years old, too, and last night I actually looked it up. They DO have knee caps (and I'm guessing knuckles, too) they're just cartilaginous until sometime between 3 and 6 years old when they ossify and turn into bones instead of cartilage.

I'm sort of glad they're just cartilage until they're older... can you imagine how hurt they could get trying to learn how to walk and jump and everything else if they weren't so flexible?

Lana said...

Hi Becca! I just figured out you are pregnant so congratulations! Wow, looking at your pictures from the past few months, you are one super thin mommy! :)

Love ya!!!

Ivy Six-Pack said...

I thought I'd heard all the veggie Tales, but this one line is not ringing a bell. Must be time to fire up the VCR again! HEE,HEE!

Meredith has lots of spunk!!!

Dana said...

argh. i hear it in bob the tomato's voice, but that's it. and i'm not even sure that's it. argh.