Monday, April 28, 2008

On our way out...

Well, has any of you ever heard of the kid's show, "Yo Gabba Gabba"? We're not dedicated fans by any means, but I like the clothes they have the dancing kids wear on the show and so attempted to recreate my own version. You can print out the characters from the website. Turns out, when you use iron on transfer paper you can't see the color unless you're transferring onto a white shirt. So, our "Plex" shirt has a vintage look, not on purpose. At least it's not a boring old plain red T-shirt anymore. Oh, and the shadows on Z's forehead are not a strange haircut, but rather are from the odd shape of his forehead (he has me to thank for that).
Here's my new hired hand working the soil before I planted okra, squash, leeks, onions, bell peppers, brussel sprouts and my "eggshell starters" of spinach to go with the rhubarb you see and the raspberries you don't (they're in the back yard). We don't have a lot of room, so it was a tight fit. I bend the rules on how close to plant things...I know...I'm so naughty!!!

Ben went to WV for the weekend to help open up the family cabin so Saturday night Z joined me for a girls night with my friends, Molly, Laura, Coleen, Carolyn and Joan. Click here to see a picture of us all. After a super yummy vegetarian dinner and gourmet cheesecake we went to the stables where Molly and Co keep their horsies. Since Z only had shorts on and it was getting chilly I put his p.j.s on him for warmth. So, for his first horsie ride he traveled about five feet, bareback, in his p.j.s. He LOVED it! If I wasn't so allergic I'd move out of town and buy a farm and stable and keep all sorts of animals. Here he is with Molly...

Z with Co and Molly behind Rayah, her horse.

Must tell you about two books I've read recently and really
enjoyed. Simplicity, by Mark Salomon is a wonderful perspective on where Christians often go wrong in dealing with others. The author is the lead singer for Stavesacre, a band Ben used to play on his "Rock Radio" show on the local Christian station.

Escape, by Carolyn Jessop, is one woman's account of her life in the FDLS (Fundamental Mormonism) and polygamy. As I read it I described it to others, "It's like junk food," not that it wasn't well written, it was just so addicting, I couldn't put it down, but compared to Simplicity it wasn't nearly as edifying or beneficial. In found myself praying for those in cults a lot and women in marriages against their will. In Simplicity I found someone who understood the jadedness and cynicism that my husband I have sometimes with others that call themselves Christ-followers. It was an honest account, in which he owned his own faults and pointed to ways we can be like Christ and break out of the cultural expectations often found in churches.

I leave today for Tennessee with my giant lap child. I think I'm all packed! We'll see! Ooh, on a totally different side note - (an informal "Web World" installment) I found this link for house cleaning inspiration on my friend, Jenn's website and am giving it a shot. Can't do much while in TN, but the "Fly Lady" on there already got me to shine my sink like I've never shined it before! I'm looking forward to getting another perspective on house cleaning and more than anything, on routine and structure. I'm so erratic sometimes! Check it out if you're interested in getting her free e-mails (you can consolidate the many daily e-mails into one daily e-mail digest).


Deanne said...

I like the t-shirt, it looks great! And what a great idea!!!

Ivy Six-Pack said...

I am so ready to get out in my yard an actually do something! Hope the flight with "lap child" went well. I must admit that even though the FlyLady is a little cooky, I get good results from her "schedule". I think the thing to keep in mind is to make the schedule fit your family and house.