Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hi! If you have time, take a moment and vote on our list of favorite baby names! See the button in the side bar? Well, click on it and there you go! As we did with Z, we're sharing our long list. The short list is SO top secret not even my parents are in the loop. We like to have something to announce when the baby is born. Yes, we'll be sure to share what the sex is as soon as we find out. Just a few more weeks and we should know. Meanwhile, we get to dream about both boy and girl names which is twice the fun! So, join us in our dreaming. Leave me a comment with any fabulous name suggestions! You just might see them added to our list! Then again, you might not!

P.S. We'll announce the names you voted most popular and least popular later on, but reserve the right to choose whatever name we want.

P.P.S. If clicking on the name survey button tells you our list is private, just go back and try again, it should work. Thanks for your input!


Anonymous said...

What a great way to get baby name input!! Don't you just love the internet??

I voted. I love the variety of names you have there. :)

Deanne said...

Wow. All I can say is that you have quite a list of, um, diverse names! :) Vashti???....wasn't that the name of the queen before Esther?

When we were expecting our children, we always found out the gender but kept the chosen name a secret, just like you. I find that we got a lot less negative feedback that way. It was fun too! :)

Do you have any inclination as to what you think the gender is?? Maybe you can give us some more pregnancy info so we can guess (more accurately?) now that your ultrasound is just around the corner.

Chris said...

Ummmmm......I'm sure that this was an oversight, but I didn't see Lando (or my second choice Wolfbane) on the boys name list. :)


Anonymous said...