Friday, April 18, 2008


My mom left on Wednesday after a very nice visit together. I'll see her again super soon (and my Dad too!) at my cousin, Rachel's, wedding in a couple weeks. So, it almost doesn't feel like they live in another country! I'm very much looking forward to my trip to Tennessee. I'm staying with my grandparents (paternal) who live there, but also get to see my entire family from my mom's side at the wedding while I'm there. Z is still technically a lap child, a 32 pound lap child, so that saved some money. Ben can't leave work to come, but plans to use our absence to get some painting done around the house that we evidently interfere with. I can't imagine how!

Yesterday, it was beautiful out and after Z's nap, we went out back to our patio, I fed him a big lunch so he wouldn't be grumpy, then gave him a grape popsickle and cut that wild Wigmop off his Scottish melon of a head. Boy does he look different now! There's one picture of it in the slideshow which I had fun making on I had a sucker ready when the popsickle was gone and we got the job done. He has never behaved so well for any hair cut!

I didn't mention that while my mom was here our Mommy Group at church had a fun outing at the roller skating rink, Stroller Skating! Unfortunately, not many of the pictures turned out, all super blurry from us speeding around and the poor lighting. But, it was lots of fun! We're going to the zoo next month together.

The answer to last post's Veggie Tale Challenge was: "Gideon: Tuba Warrior" during the counter top scene. By the way, anyone ever notice that in the show Gideon wasn't playing a tuba when he defeated the Midianites? Ben told me it was a euphonium. I thought it was a trumpet. Shows how much I know! Either way, don't buy this video just for the name, it's a little misleading, but DO buy it because it's my favorite Veggie Tale video (George Mueller story AND Gideon on it).

I'm hoping to have Ben take a picture of my growing belly soon to compare to pregnancy pics from Z. So, come back soon!


Deanne said...

Isn't it great when mom is visiting??! Oh, and you look nothing like your mother. (wink wink) :) The slide show is great too! Love!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

love the pictures. You are showing!! How exciting!!!

Can you believe that your son weighs MORE than my 3 1/2 year old daughter?!

Nicki said...

Ok, I totally had to wait a WEEK to look at the pictures but it was worth the wait! Ezra is growing up sooo fast! And you are totally looking super cute pregnant! How fun!